BrandMap Coach™


What is a BrandMap Coach?

It’s a BrandMap360 CMO with a different hat on.  Rather than the CMO creating the strategies and leading the department forward, they will Coach and empower You to rise to the challenge!  Your Coach will speak into your strategies, advise on tactics, and guide you through the challenges of leading a Marketing Organization.


The Approach


It starts with a Guide.

You’ll meet once a week as your CMO Coach guides you through strategic marketing and leadership. They will provide insight and direction in the development of your marketing strategy and execution.  Your coach equips you with AR proprietary strategic exercises, tools, and templates.

 What happens when your strategy requires a ton of execution?  Don’t stress it, you still have access to our full bench of AR vetted Service Providers that are experts in their field.  With your goals, the guidance of an Atlas Rose CMO Coach, and access to talented tacticians, your marketing will reach new levels.

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What Does it Cost?

Hey, there’s no free lunch in marketing. It can be extraordinarily expensive…if you try to do it alone. The numbers get downright scary if you’re hiring and paying for an internal team.


Instead, we’ve got a solution for $4,500 per month.

We’re all about transparency.


Want to meet our CMO’s? No problem. Our placement manager will pair you up with one or more of our CMO’s that have relevant experience in your industry. No expectations, no obligations. Just a conversation between professionals.


Corey Swann, Relationship Manager


Hear it From Our Clients…

“We needed a plan.”

“I was so enamored with the power of the C12 Group’s message that I was blinded to the importance of a targeted, strategic branding mindset. Atlas Rose has empowered me with both the professional guidance and the practical tools.”

Dewey Green


“5 years strong”

“Our relationship with Atlas Rose is going on 5 years strong.  Since day one the Atlas team has listened to us so they can truly understand our business.  This process has achieved a brand we are very proud of.  Their coaching can be attributed to our overall success.”

Tom. Frew

Green Hills Memorial Park

“Overcame obstacles.”

“The financial services industry is highly regulated, which makes marketing a challenge. With the help of Atlas Rose, we clearly identified our target market & established a cohesive marketing strategy.”

Kathy Gustafson

Keen & Pocock