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Who’s on the Team?

A Chief Marketing Officer

Every small and medium-sized business needs a seasoned marketing pro that knows how to design systems that work. The CMO from Atlas Rose will grow to be someone you count on and respect. They’ll earn your trust and become part of your leadership team. This is a person that will help chart a course for your success and give your company the opportunity to scale. Expect a pro that questions why and holds others on the team accountable. Even the CEO. Its time for you to grow. The Atlas Rose CMO will show you how. 

Here’s a not so well kept secret. Behind the scenes, our CMO’s and marketing managers attend regular internal meetings and training sessions. We’re committed to our craft and learn through the experiences of each other. It’s common for a CMO to share a challenge with the rest of the team to gain perspective. Together we represent hundreds of years of experience. Talk about powerful!

The Execution Team

The Marketing Manager

Plans are nothing without execution. Your Atlas Rose Marketing Manager is capable of bringing any project across the finish line. They’re meticulous about the details and know how to add value with their own experiences.  Timelines, regular communication, client reporting, and deadlines. The marketing manager keeps initiatives on track.

Trusted Marketing Specialists:

the Atlas Rose network

It’s impossible to be an expert in everything. In marketing, we turn to specialists that have gotten to the top of their industry performing specific tasks for clients. It could be video editors, paid search specialists, content writers, graphic designers, web developers or dozens of other tacticians ready when we call.  Over time, we’ve learned who we can count on when deadlines matter. 

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