BrandMap Process

Your Chief Marketing Officer will develop a comprehensive 12-month marketing strategy that will be a roadmap for your success. Every week, we’ll meet with you at a pre-scheduled time to talk about tactics and results. It’s important we follow this cadence because marketing needs momentum.

It’s all about the process.

Set it and forget it? Not a chance. Your CMO will have an eye on the overall goals and will deliver even more detailed quarterly strategy reports. These are more granular and will include target completion dates and estimated budgets.


Doesn’t make sense right? We know you want to get leads in the door now, but we’re not going to let you throw your money away before you’re ready. Expect a process that includes a few exercises like: 


        • Developing buyer personas

        • Setting Brand standards

        • Clarifying your Unique Value Proposition

        • Brand Language, Look Tone, Feel

        • Messaging that lands hard

        • Measuring the customer experience

OK, lets talk…

When you skip the process or get it in the wrong order, you’re DOOMED TO FAIL. If you’ve ever felt like your marketing dollars have been wasted, it’s because one or more of these details were missed. 


You’ve got complete control.

Our job is to push forward. More activity, more leads, more results. If you’re willing to join us, we’ve got a journey we’re ready to take you on. Destination success.