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About Us

Atlas Rose is a marketing leadership company, a brand determined to put marketing back in the boardroom. Our mission is to elevate brand, culture, and mission through executive marketing leadership.

We believe every business deserves access to executive-level marketing.

Like you and your team, we stand for something. Every brand does.

Atlas Rose is the marketing leadership company, a brand determined to put marketing back in the boardroom. We are a collection of unique people who, when put together, have some common interests and live by some common guiding principles.

Our common interest? A passion to help businesses thrive.

Our guiding principles? A love for people and serving them well.

Core Values

Our guiding principles are reflected in our core values. They are the values we stick by. You don’t have to share in all of them, but these values guide all we do and charts our course forward. It’s the brand we stand on.

God First

We believe that our business serves a higher power than Google. All of our decisions for ourselves and our clients are made through the almighty. We pray before internal meetings and seek wisdom from the good book. It’s who we are. If you’re not a believer, we won’t preach to you but will pray for you often.


Own it

Hey, we’re not perfect and we’re going to make mistakes on occasion as all humans do. When that happens don’t expect us to try and bury the truth. We’ll be upfront and own it.

Our employees act like owners of not only our business but yours. We’re transparent and empower each other to make informed decisions. We’re entrepreneurs at our roots and love that scrappy spirit.



Nobody ever got ahead by following the worn path of others. We’re going to challenge the status quo whenever we can and love asking the question, “Why not?” This means breaking some marketing rules every once and a while and zig while others zag. We live in the Blue Ocean and challenge everyone around us to bring creative ideas.



Admittedly, we’re not a “live to work” kind of group. We play as hard as we work and find peace outside of our comfort zone. We believe creativity comes from trying new things, adventuring. Reenergizing by breathing in the fresh outdoor air refills the soul and lets us attack the day come Monday morning. We’ll share our adventure stories at our meetings and applaud the courageous. We’re bold risk-takers that embrace new things.



We like to guide as much as we like to learn. Being lifelong learners is how we choose to go through life and practice our craft. The marketing business can move fast, and if we aren’t early adopters for our clients, we may give away a competitive advantage. We’ll carve out time to collaborate, practice, and coach one another so we can remain the sharpest team in the industry.


Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of talented and dedicated individuals who share a commitment to excellence and a passion for bringing our client’s strategies to life. Each member brings their unique skills, experience, love of adventure, and personality to the table. So, take a moment to meet our team and get to know the people behind Atlas Rose.

Branden O'Neil

CEO & Founder of Atlas Rose

Graduating college as a computer programmer, I did that long enough to realize it wasn't for me. Moved into marketing at a small firm in Atlanta. Later, going through Financial Peace University, decided to go work in Nashville for Dave Ramsey as a marketing director. Helped build and launch EntreLeadership (Ramsey's business and leadership brand) where the genesis and launch of a side hustle has grown into Atlas Rose today.

You can usually find me: working on my 43 acres in the North Georgia mountains, chasing chickens or my kids, or sticking my feet In the river while sipping on whiskey.

Monica Spieles

VP of Operations & Integrator

I have a Bachelors in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. I started my career in B2B Sales and shifted back into marketing after realizing that passions cannot be ignored.

I am either dabbling in sketching, watercolor, and baking, and I am currently attempting to learn double dutch.

Randi Beth Burton

Sr. Director of AR Ignite | Director of Business Development

I graduated from Texas A&M University with a BBA in Marketing and have years of experience in both non-profits and for-profits, in sales, marketing, executive leadership, and as an entrepreneur. I'm beyond passionate about small businesses and believe a strong marketing strategy can propel and energize the best of them.

Off the clock: Anything that involves travel, adventure, meeting new people, and wine - I'm there. Which might be why Atlas Rose stole my heart. I'm also known for my IMDb-style knowledge of movies. I can tell you who the actor is, what other movies they’ve been in, who they’ve had as co-stars and quote the most memorable lines.

Lauren Borer


Alice Myer

Director of AR Ignite

I have over 35 years of marketing experience working in both corporate and non-profit industries. A lot has changed in the marketing landscape since I have earned my marketing degree at Abilene Christian University, but I blissfully enjoy “always being in school.” In fact, if I am not talking with others, I'm listening to a podcast. Church history, Business Made Simple, and Israeli spy thrillers fill my queue.

I'm a competitor. Played tennis in college, but now I prefer pickleball. A strategic board game or fast card game will also suffice. But my all-time favorite off the clock activity is being with my 6 grandkids.

KR Nicholas

Atlas Rose Certified CMO

Marketing and Product Management for technology companies.

In my free time, I like to ride motorcycles.

Kevin Oswald

Atlas Rose Certified CMO

I have worked with dozens of companies in B2B, B2C, CPG, OEM and non-profit segments; which include companies of all sizes from startups to SMBs to Fortune 500.

I enjoy the outdoors, everything from kayaking to hiking and golf.

Rebecca Fretty

Atlas Rose Certified CMO

I have never met a brand I haven't loved growing from laundry detergent to flea and tick drops to 3d printing. An ardent advocate for the consumer’s voice to drive business decisions and impact on the world around us. Started my career at Ogilvy & Mather and Unilever Home & Personal Care, leading teams in oral care, prestige and mass fragrances, laundry cleaning, and skin care. Since then I have led growth for pet supplies, innovation ideas for Trident Gum and Oreos, direct-to-consumer sales of 3d printing for the general public hobbyist, car wash field marketing and expansions, Amazon sales for a few folks with a few not-for-profit leadership roles in between. (My personal favorite is leading Arts & the Spirit at my church.) Plus, a Duke Fuqua School of Business grad, where I met my husband!

In my free time, you will find me following my son at golf tournaments, going to wool festivals with my daughter, enjoying golf or sporting clays with my husband and taking my dog for long walks in the woods.

Rand Owens


Marketing Strategy

After work or on the weekends you can find me mountain biking or at Crossfit.

Marcellino D'Ambrosio

Certified CMO

As an entrepreneur and innovator, I've honed my proficiency in brand identity, product development, event production, and digital strategy. With a history of growing a niche marketing firm and co-founding a creative professional network, I've learned the value of fostering healthy, trusting teams to achieve inventive goals.
My fascination with brand narratives, fueled by a deep appreciation for storytelling's power, drives my work to combine strategic insights, market analysis, and universal archetypes. This approach allows my clients to carve out meaningful territory in their audience's psyche.
Beyond my professional pursuits, I enjoy family time with my wife, Augusta, and our son, Marcellino VI. My diverse interests span Spartan races, Shakespearean plays, and poetry—an eclectic mix inspired by my passion for the transformative and the profound.

Jennifer Marie Lyness

Marketing Manager

Ashley Nance

Sr. Marketing Manager

I graduated from East Carolina University in 2018 with a degree in Marketing and then moved to pursue my Master's in Higher Education. Through my varied experience, I learned how to connect people and ideas in the world of marketing. I love connecting with new people and love a good challenge.

You can typically find me on a run, hanging out with my dogs, or at Target. If it's a rainy day, curled up watching a classic Disney movie is where you'll find me.

Joy Dieal


Sarah Nelson

Marketing Manager

Julia Slonkosky

Marketing Manager Assistant

Georgia Kate Mustard

AR Ignite Coordinator

Denisse Gp

Marketing Manager

After completing my studies in Marketing and Communication, I embarked on my professional journey as a Marketing Manager at a traditional agency. A decade later, I have worked on an extensive number of fields and have a strong foundation in Data Analysis, SEM performance, and Copywriting.

During the weekends, you can find me climbing a mountain, immersing myself in a long run, or embarking on an epic culinary adventure sponsored by Binging with Babish Youtube channel.

Georgia Mathison

Marketing Manager

I've worked for over 15 years, mainly in Content and Visual Marketing. Still, all areas of Marketing I've touched on had one common theme: building a meaningful and trustworthy relationship with my clients and their audience.
I am growing together with the husband of my youth for 30 years and raising and homeschooling four amazing children.
As an adventurous and energetic woman, I thoroughly enjoy planning and executing high school events or mentoring a robotics team for the FIRST Robotics Competition.
Born next to the beach in southern California, I have always had a sunny and joyful outlook on the nature and beauty God created. But being the adventurous type and always excited to see what God does in my life wherever He leads, the excitement of the seasons and different culture of the northeast has called me back multiple times. After living in California for six years, my family and I now reside, once again, in New England, close to the ocean, and I'm enjoying every moment.
When I'm off the clock and nature calls, I grab my Santa Cruz MTB, ride the trails through forests and mountains, or take my paddle board and hit the water!

Matthew Murray

Relationship Manager

Where it all began

The marketing industry was and still is failing small businesses in America.

Branden O’Neil, the founder and CEO of Atlas Rose, was frustrated watching small business owners waste time and money on bad marketing. Early in his career, he witnessed agencies serving clients with products developed around their talent, not around their clients’ needs. That frustration led him to leave agency work and join financial guru Dave Ramsey.

At Ramsey Solutions, Branden worked his way to Director of Marketing where he built and launched Ramsey’s EntreLeadership.

This project had him traveling across the United States speaking with thousands of small business owners. Conversations during these training sessions showed a massive need for executive-level marketing, yet it was unattainable for small business budgets. And these small businesses deserved that. Small businesses are the backbone of America representing 90% of the businesses in the United States. He had to help.

Branden left Dave Ramsey’s company in 2010 to launch Marketing Strategy Coaches.

It provided access to executive marketing leadership at a price small businesses could afford. How? By serving in a fractional capacity. Other disciplines of businesses were offering fractional services like accounting and finance. Marketing could do the same.

After years of Marketing Strategy Coaches serving hundreds of clients across the country, Branden took a step back and asked his team, what can we do better?

The answer was simple and innovative.

Continue offering access to executive-level marketing leadership to small businesses, but also help them execute their strategy at the same high level of management and creativity.

So Atlas Rose was born. This wasn’t like the agencies that frustrated Branden in his early career. No. This was a different kind of marketing service. A service that provided small businesses with an entire marketing department, day one, at a fraction of the cost.


Atlas Rose would not only provide previously unattainable, executive-level strategic leadership in the form of a CMO, but also a Marketing Manager to help with execution. Combine that with access to Atlas Rose’s vendor network, and suddenly small businesses can have the marketing they deserve as America’s backbone.

This team of strategic minds, managers and specialists would work alongside each small business to help them implement and execute every strategy to optimally grow their business.