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Summit Teams™

An instant marketing department at a fraction of the cost.

Gain the support of a CMO, a Marketing Manager and a vetted network of specialty vendors overnight.

Let’s play with the big brands

The expertise every SMB deserves

What would happen if you had all the marketing prowess of the world’s top brands? To have access to top marketing talent and managers able to bring strategies to life? With Atlas Rose, you can actually afford to put your product up against the best and win.

How? By gaining the expertise of a CMO. The mentality of a Marketing Manager. And instant access to an entire network of vendor specialists. Day 1.

Summit Teams™ – Fractional Marketing Teams

A complete solution of people, process & technology.

When strategy is built from experience. When execution is laser focused. When results are measured and tactics refined.
Success is imminent.


Chief Marketing Officer

Our CMO’s have reached a level of success few have in the industry. If they suggest a tactic or strategy, it’s because they are drawing from years of experience, good and bad. This is what true leadership and experience looks like.

Marketing Manager

Our marketing managers are the doers of the strategy. They are on the ground, laser focused on executing tactics and bringing your strategy to life!

Marketing Specialists

With the diversity of our vendor network, you not only have access to high quality experts in each marketing field, you get options. Which means more flexibility when it comes to meeting your budget and your goals.


The confidence comes from the process. We trust it because we’ve used it on all our clients. And it works. Our philosophy is strategy over tactics, starting with a deep dive into brand standards, leading to a 12-month strategy that will stand up to any board room scrutiny. Execution follows. Results are measured. Tactics are refined. Your business wins!


Guessing leads to waste when it comes to marketing. That’s why we’ve developed a proprietary dashboard called ARos™ that monitors the health of all marketing channels. No more guesswork. The data leads us to the right answers.

Modern marketing works in a fractional space.

You’re not having to pay the full-time salaries of your CMO and Marketing Manager. You’re only paying for the highly focused and efficient time your team is working with you and on your brand. Essentially, you get the results and the leadership, without the price tag.

Is SUMMIT Teams™ right for me?

  • Small to Large-size businesses
  • All industries – B2B & B2C
  • Brands who need to expand and grow their business.
  • Brands who are tired of wasting time and money on marketing.
  • Brands who believe they’re not doing enough and want to be more strategic.
  • Brands who have been scammed before and aren’t sure who to trust.
  • Brands that are worried they can’t afford a CMO or internal marketing department.

Options for every size



A full marketing team ready to grow your business

People: CMO + Marketing Manager + Vetted Specialists

Process: Brand Standards, 12-Month Strategy, Execution

Technology: arOS™ DashBoard and tech toolbox



Our premium offer is for businesses ready to scale. You get the same Standard components, just with a whole lot MORE. More talent. More dedicated time on your brand. More technology. Your business dreams won’t outgrow our team.




We serve businesses of all shapes and sizes. If our traditional model doesn’t serve the needs of the unique makeup of your organization, we’ll custom fit a solution tailored to you. The point is successful marketing, and we’re structured to help you achieve it.

How it works

Meet Your Team

Set strategy and let execution begin

Watch Sales Grow

We’ll measure and know what works