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Marketing Coaching for a Strong Brand Foundation

We follow a proven process to build strong foundations into your marketing to achieve better results and faster growth.

Base Camp is our solution for those who value collaboration and always find a way to make it work in challenging times.

Who passionately believe in the future of their business. The get-things-doners who often struggle with limited resources.

Let’s face it. Not every small business can afford a team of marketing professionals, even on a fractional basis. But that doesn’t mean your business doesn’t deserve the right tools to create an effective and winning marketing strategy.

In fact, you deserve a strategy that works as hard as you do.

So what is Base Camp?

Just like BrandMap 360, Base Camp is built on a philosophy of Strategy first. Tactics follow. It rests on the same foundation of People, Process & Technology.


CMO Coach + access to the ARNetwork™ – As your CMO Coach guides your internal team, we move at the pace you want within a budget you can afford. If bandwidth determines a project is better accomplished by outsourcing, we’ll manage it for you using one of our talented vendor specialists. We’ve got your back – and your marketing will reach new levels.


Your CMO Coach meets with you weekly, guiding you through Atlas Rose’s proprietary strategic marketing exercises, providing insight and direction in the development of your marketing strategy and execution. We’re focused not only on what you need to accomplish NOW, but on where the future you wants to be. That means a strong, measurable and repeatable marketing foundation your company can grow on.


A strong marketing strategy is made stronger with the right tech tools. We’ll bring our toys to the playground – you can custom fit what you need according to your budget.

Here’s how it works

This is the process we use 100% of the time. It’s been well tested and proven; it will work for you.

1.) Current Brand/Marketing Assessment

We need to know where you are to know where we’re going and which path to get us there.

2.) Brand Standards

Marketing is the right message, to the right person, at the right time, the right way. Brand Standards is the groundwork we need to do to answer these questions. With this foundation in place, everything we do from a marketing perspective makes sense. And it isn’t going to waste your money or your time.

3.) Strategy Development/Roadmap

In our experience, overly tactical business owners tend to be scattered, but strategic business owners tend to be highly focused. If you want a lasting and profitable business, the key is to marry a highly focused strategy with a variety of tightly aligned tactics. Strategy must come first. The result? Focus. Energy. Traction.

4.) Divide and Conquer

Once you have a highly focused strategy in place, it’s time to get to work carrying it out. What do you want to handle in-house? What can we do for you? What can be outsourced?

Is Base Camp right for me?

  • Startups to small businesses – usually less than $5 million in annual revenue.  Bigger than this? Check out BrandMap 360™
  • You operate with limited resources and a do-it-yourself mentality.
  • You’re pivoting your business or have a new offering.
  • You find yourself buried in tactics with not enough time in strategy.
  • You’re competing on price rather than expertise or quality.
  • You want your website and marketing materials to be compelling.
  • People can’t tell you apart from your competitors.

We exist for the small business.

We are invested in your success. Within Base Camp, you no longer have to go it alone, or work with people you don’t know. We’re a part of your team, and you’ll forget we’re not on your payroll.
Most importantly, we’re poised to grow with you. Be confident in your next steps. An Atlas Rose CMO Coach is ready to help you chart the way.
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