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Group Coaching

This is for you, the DIY business owner

Results-focused strategies in a collaborative environment with other small business owners. We've learned this combination plus the consistent hour on your calendar leads to growth.

Put marketing on your calendar

We get it. As a small business owner, you likely wear a lot of hats - including the marketing one.

And yet time is likely your scarcest commodity, but you know marketing matters.

Enter group coaching: A weekly, consistent hour on your calendar to focus ON your business, and pause from the demands IN your business.

Weekly topics at a glance…

Current Topic

BRAND: "Who is your ideal client and what's their buyer's journey"

We'll walk you through exercises to help you narrow down your target market and know what your message is for your service-based business.

On Deck

DIGITAL FOOTPRINT PT. 1: “Does my social media presence, digital advertising, and website build trust and grow revenue?"

We'll dive into all platforms with you to build a strategy that will drive revenue growth. Plus guide you through automations to save you time!

Coming Soon

DIGITAL FOOTPRINT PT. 2: "Practical tips to getting started"
GROWTH PT. 1: “Now how does everything work together and convert?"
GROWTH PT. 2: "Getting rid of the Marketing & Sales finger pointing"
WORD OF MOUTH: “I want a customer for life"

What to expect:

Our Group Coaching OGs will tell you they keep coming back for the marketing and general business advice and support but we know it's the communities they're a part of! Who knows more about what you are dealing with daily as a small business owner than another owner?

1.) Weekly meetings

You will meet with your marketing mastermind group composed of business owners and led by an Atlas Rose CMO Coach with drop-in visits from industry experts.

2.) One on One

Quarterly one-on-one meetings with your CMO Coach where you determine the agenda. Brainstorm a new product idea… Strategize an operations problem… Talk through vendor issues… Anything!

3.) Community, Collaboration & Co-Working

In-person gatherings, a virtual co-working platform, and a private group space to increase collaboration and extra coaching support.

4.) Right Now Media @ Work Access

Develop yourself and your leaders as well as care for your employees with on-demand access to training about teamwork, professional development, marriage, and mental health.

So what is Group Coaching?

The Atlas Rose Group Coaching Program is our way of bringing Executive-Level Marketing Leadership to the smallest of businesses. In the weekly group sessions, your tenured CMO Coach helps you to cut through the noise by teaching proper strategic marketing.

How it works:

Each week, you’ll join other like-minded business owners on a group Zoom call. Over time, you’ll get to know the others in the group and learn what they’re doing well, and not so well. It’ll help you make clearer decisions. 

Don’t expect lecture sessions though. There will be themes but we’ve got real work to do for your business. Your coach will assign tasks for you to do and deadlines to make. If you’re willing to roll your sleeves up and work on your own business, the group coaching option might be for you.

The Who:

The common denominator is the CMO. This person will lead you through strategic exercises that will cause you to think about your business in a different way. We can promise a thought-provoking and enlightening experience.

What if you get stuck or want to move faster?

When we say we support you, we mean it. We’ve got an army of talented professionals ready to tackle any problem you have or fast-track your projects. Just say the word and they’ll get to work. You may have heard that for our enterprise clients, we have specialists who can do everything from web design to email writing. The good news is, this same team is available for coaching clients too!  It’s kinda like an easy button for your marketing initiatives.

How affordable is it?

How does $300 per month sound? Executive level access, support and guidance – affordable enough even for the most cash-conscious companies. We don’t have contracts, so feel free to cancel anytime. No commitments and no risk. Only your best interests in mind.

Group Coaching Registration

With your membership, you will have access to all of our group coaching communities. This allows you to try out other groups to find the best fit for you, learn from the masses, and/or go to different groups if you can't make your time that week. We have a group for you:

Monthly Membership



(Come Try Us Out)

  • Weekly Meetings
  • Quarterly One on One Meetings
  • Community, Collaboration & Gatherings
  • Right Now Media @ Work Access
  • Industry Expert Drop-ins
  • Cancel Anytime