BrandMap 360™

What is a Fractional CMO?

It’s an industry-leading Chief Marketing Officer tasked with providing true Fortune 500 quality marketing leadership. They’ll bring strategy and tactics to finally tackle your marketing challenges. Share them with other companies and only incur a fraction of their full-time cost. 


You’ve probably hired other marketing companies or “agencies.” This is something entirely different.

The Approach


Modern marketing works by combining people, processes, and technology.


Atlas Rose will create and organize the marketing function of your business and prepare your company for next-level success. You’ll be prepared to take on investors or compete with the biggest companies in your industry. We’ll provide the strategy and execute using modern tactics. We call it, BrandMap360™.

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Our Solution… BrandMap360™



Your fractional CMO will bring with them a fractional marketing manager along with a team of vetted professionals ready to jump in. From SEO specialists, graphic designers, automation engineers, web designers, and more, we work with only the best. They’ll take our direction to build systems that deliver predictable and frequent warm leads. We’ll integrate any marketing talent you already have in your company and make sure everyone is bought into what needs to be accomplished. The CMO sets the strategy, and the marketing manager makes sure no tasks fall through the cracks.


Think of it as a special ops team on a mission. Everyone has a role.



The confidence comes from the process. We use it on every client and that’s why we trust it. It works. There is an order of events that’s critical to getting it right. That’s why before we build the strategy we’ll lead you and your team through a series of exercises that will clearly define your target audience, identify your key differentiators that your competitors can’t match, position the brand and clarify the message. After that’s complete, we’ll deliver a 12-month strategy that will stand up to any board room scrutiny. As we focus on the execution, your CMO will deliver even more detailed strategy and tactics reports quarterly.



We’ve never met any CEO that wasn’t willing to spend a dollar to earn five. We’ll work with you and provide recommendations about where to spend precious resources. We’ll be able to report through our dashboard what’s working well and where we need to pivot. Focusing on the ROI is our primary concern too. Have you heard your vendors say things like, “Trust us—Results takes time—Be patient” or are you given vague updates and vanity metrics? We understand and that is why we have implemented arOS™. A proprietary dashboard that monitors the health of all of your marketing channels. No more guesswork. The data leads us to the right answers.


You won’t need to won’t waste your time and money testing a half dozen solutions, we’ll come with our own proven tools customized to your business.


A real deal CMO for a fraction of the cost.

How it Works…

We call it a plan, you’ll call it game-changing.


Designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, we’ll serve as your marketing team before you’re ready to hire your own in-house talent.


Just like you would expect your executives to report, we’ll meet via video call once per week. Your dedicated CMO and marketing manager will lead an efficient one-hour meeting discussing progress, deliverables, and expectations. The next week we repeat the process and execute the strategy we created.

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CMO Leadership Plan

Our best relationships are with involved CEO’s dedicated to growth. Sometimes big decisions are a team sport.

What Does it Cost?

Hey, there’s no free lunch in marketing. It can be extraordinarily expensive…if you try to do it alone. The numbers get downright scary if you’re hiring and paying for an internal team.


Instead, we’ve got a solution for $6,500 per month.

We’re all about transparency.


Want to meet our CMO’s? No problem. Our placement manager will pair you up with one or more of our CMO’s that have relevant experience in your industry. No expectations, no obligations. Just a conversation between professionals.

Sam Yokubonis, Placement Manager


Hear it From Our Clients…

“We needed a plan.”

“I was so enamored with the power of the C12 Group’s message that I was blinded to the importance of a targeted, strategic branding mindset. Atlas Rose has empowered me with both the professional guidance and the practical tools.”

Dewey Green


“5 years strong”

“Our relationship with Atlas Rose is going on 5 years strong.  Since day one the Atlas team has listened to us so they can truly understand our business.  This process has achieved a brand we are very proud of.  Their coaching can be attributed to our overall success.”

Tom. Frew

Green Hills Memorial Park

“Overcame obstacles.”

“The financial services industry is highly regulated, which makes marketing a challenge. With the help of Atlas Rose, we clearly identified our target market & established a cohesive marketing strategy.”

Kathy Gustafson

Keen & Pocock