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We are the people who help the people who help businesses grow – especially your own.

Atlas Rose invests in the marketers who are risk-takers, the career-is-on-the-line dreamers, and the ones who bet on themselves. Those who are passionate about strategy and helping small businesses grow. The divergent thinkers who challenge the status quo. The lifelong learners who find a path when no one else can.


Get your business where you need it be, faster, Apply to tap into the Atlas Rose way.

Atlas Rose helps you...

  • Unlock a proven business model
  • Utilize processes and systems built to serve larger customers
  • Increase client base with more product offerings
  • Gain Access to a network of proven marketing specialists
  • Grow your toolbox of resources and templates
  • Enjoy collaborating with other experienced marketers

Putting Marketing Back in the Board Room

Grow faster by leading the Atlas Rose Way

Marketing leadership matters.

Our industry is notorious for offering business owners shiny marketing tactics that end up wasting thousands of dollars. Owners are frustrated and exhausted from executing tactics that don’t work. It’s the classic tail wagging the dog.

Our fractional CMO team is trained to fight against this current state of marketing.

The Process


We accept no more than 10 new Fractional CMOs every quarter. Shoot your shot!

Bourbon Room

Applicants invited to the Bourbon Room will have a chance to hear first-hand what is being offered.


We believe in face-to-face training and are committed to making this the best investment in your business.

Ongoing Coaching

You’re no longer on an island. Out competitive advantage is our collaborative team.

Choose Your Path

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Your Brand – Your Clients – Your Billing

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  • AR Approved Service Providers
  • Business Sister Agencies
  • CMO Huddles/ Masterminds
  • One-on-one Coaching
  • Referral Commission Opportunities
  • On-site Training
  • Proprietary Strategy Templates + Tools… everything you need to develop and drive your client’s marketing department and efforts

Become an Atlas Rose

Fractional CMO

Our Brand – Our Clients – Our Billing

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  • Everything a Licensee gets plus…
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Business Development
  • Active Talent Recruitment
  • Quarterly Reviews
  • Sales Commission Opportunities
  • RUM Bonuses
  • Accounting Support

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