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Elevate Rock™

This is for the brand that has that big idea or Rock that just needs to get done

Sometimes we have an idea or commit to being held accountable to a rock that we’re not 100% sure how we’re going to accomplish it. Whether that be because of a knowledge gap, and just lacking the manpower to do it, you might feel alittle vulnerable to failure. Our team runs on EOS and are used to applying their firepower to knocking out clients rocks.


Here’s to a Rock: COMPLETE


You need your rock done fast. You don’t have time to spend months and months in strategy and development. It feels like every day that passes is moving you closer to an incomplete rock. We need to attack it with strategic intensity.

The Atlas Rose team is ready to bolt on to you and your team to give you the expertise and muscle to get it done.

IDS & Alignment

Everyone on the same page about timeline, deliverables, results and resources

90-Day Intensive

Weekly L10s lead the way for short execution sprints with a high degree of focus on your rock


After executing our sprint, we’ll train/leave you with a plan and a process on how to do it on your own 

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