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Elevate Word of Mouth™

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Word of mouth marketing is as old as time. It’s by far the most effective, and least expensive form of marketing we could possibly have. It’s likely how you’ve built your business to where it’s at today. However, making it something you can count on, or something you can do intentionally or even strategically, can be a real challenge. But when you do… when you have a defined and repeatable series of “peak moments” at exactly the right times in your customers journey… it’s absolute gold that you’ll be mining forever.

Here’s to having your customers do your marketing for you


You need more customer referals fast. You don’t have time to spend a year in strategy and development. It feels like every day that passes is a missed opportunity for growth. We need to attack your word of mouth marketing with strategic intensity.

In a few short weeks, Atlas Rose will deliver the a defined a repeatable strategy for elevating your customers experience based off a series of strategically placed “peak moments” designed as talk triggers to create raving fans.

What’s Included:

A set of strategies and tools dedicated to building a customer experience strategy specific to your brand
A very specific methodology for strategy creation, customer journey mapping, ideation, and execution
During this intensive, you'll get a customer experience strategist, and a project manager all focused on elevating your word of mouth marketing
The set of deliverables and project management around your 90-day first execution sprint

Elements of a good Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Expectations

What does the customer expect the experience to be like?

Ideal Experience

What do we want the experience to be like in a perfect world

Customer Journey Map

Map out the existing experience journey as it is today

Peaks and Valleys

Overlay the expectations and ideals onto the map and see where the opportunities are

Divergent Ideation

Creative ideation process around fixing valleys and creating unexpected peak moments (talk triggers)

90-Day Sprints

Get rid of the bad ideas, prioritize the good ones, and EXECUTE!

The Next Steps

The ELEVATE intensives were designed to be like products you pull off a shelf with defined timelines, deliverables, and results.  Here’s the high level process we follow.

Everyone on the same page about timeline, deliverables, results and resources


Short execution sprints with a high degree of focus on the result you’re after


After executing our sprint, we’ll train/leave you with a plan and a process on how to do it on your own 

Brands we’ve elevated

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